History of the collection

Vladimir Kozak (Vladimír Václav Kozák) is the author and founder of this project. He and his family is the only owner of the set of reconstructions of battle armour and royal insignia. Citizen of Czech Republic, native of Jablonec nad Nisou - a North Bohemian town known for its glass and jewellery.

”On the day of St. Rufus at the Moravian Field
Czech blood flew in streams and soil turned red
There stood Czech regiments, Otakar led his lines
Oh glorious golden king this is your last fight...”

Later he read scientific books on history by JOSEF ŽEMLIČKA, JIŘÍ KUTHAN, PETR KLUČINA, ANDREJ ROMAŇÁK including beautiful illustrations by GUSTAV KRUM.

The oldest exhibit of the set is the tipped banner with the emblem of black flamboyant female eagle. It was made in 1983 as reminder of glorious victory of Bohemian troops at the battle near Kressenbrunn in 1260. The latest ones are decorated caskets for the royal crown and the pome. They were made additionally for the Eurocentrum Jablonec exhibition in 2013.

The set was created subsequently and was displayed for the first time at the Jablonec Fairground in 1987 on the occasion of the competition called ZENIT 87 in categories: innovation, efficiency, imaginativeness, enterprise and creativity. The chain armour and red battle kilt decorated with the white emblem of Bohemian lion and two banners - one with white lion and another with flamboyant female eagle. Two shields were added with emblems of lion and female eagle. The set won the Extra Prize of the jury and advanced to the regional level of the ZENIT competition in the town of Decin. In 1989 was exhibited the small set - the royal insignia (crown on black-and-golden pillow, sceptre and pome) at the regional competition ZENIT 89, again at the Jablonec Fairground.

 The whole set - after partial reworking of the insignia and completion - was displayed for the first time to the public at pre-view exhibition at the House of Culture in Frydstein in 1993. This event was made possible thanks to the local management, especially the mayor Václav Müller.

The ceremonial premiere of the whole set took place at the Eurocentrum Jablonec in 2013. This guided exhibition griped both public and experts. Corporate town of Jablonec nad Nisou became the third town that did honours to the great king Premysl Otakar II although it was not founded by him. Appreciation for helpfulness belongs to the humanities department of the local government, above all to the manager Marta Prochazkova and the Eurocentrum staff that contributed to the preparation of the event.

Tomas Frouz friendly joined the project in May 2013. He took charge of final prepress emendation and another works associated with promotion.

The owner of the set appreciates the help of many skilful people from Jablonec and Liberec region, who contributed to the realization of the three-dimensional project. The set and exhibitions could not come into being without their fervour and interest in history.

Objective of the Project

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